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filtrationOur lubrication filtration products make fluid handling a simple task and proactively reduce system contamination while requiring less equipment and labor for you. Lubrication corruption from particulate and water contamination caused during processing, mixing or handling results in excessive machine wear, downtime and repair costs.

The experts here at Proactive Lube Manager can help you effectively filter your lubricants and prevent contamination related problems with our extensive line of filtration products. We design, manufacture and source custom filtration solutions based on the specific needs of our clients.

In addition, we carry an extensive line of HD portable filter carts, air breather filters, outdoor and indoor stationary filter stands, and replacement oil filters – all designed to keep your lubricant clean and contaminates out of your machinery.  


Filtration Products We Carry:

  • Air Breather Filters
  • Captive Filter Units
  • Portable Filter Carts
  • Replacement Filters

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