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insertionOur line of oil inspection and insertion products allow you to proactively monitor your lubricant levels and pump oil in without having to open up the component and expose it to potential contaminates.

Because airborne dust is everywhere, we’ve designed oil insertion and air breather ports that are engineered for use in the harshest operating environments. The closed loop equipment fill and filter cart connection simplifies the lubrication process and prevents lubricant spills.

Our 3D Sight Plugs allow you to inspect your oil reservoir levels easily, while our Oil Level Sight Tubes allow maintenance professionals to gauge oil levels inside larger tanks, gearboxes and oil reservoirs.  Operators can visually monitor the oil for dirt and debris and take appropriate actions accordingly.


Inspection/Insertion Products We Carry:

  • 3-D Site Plugs
  • Acrylic Site Tubes
  • Combo Insertion Fitting
  • Fittings

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