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Proactive Lube Manger provides thorough lubricant storage and handling audits. We will evaluate and document how your lubricants are stored, dispensed, transferred and inserted. In addition, we will assess your waste oil handling procedures and evaluate your methods for practicality, worker ergonomics, worker safety and environmental protection. A written report for each of these areas is provided in addition, to suggestions for improvement.

We audit current lubrication practices as it relates to efficiency and practicality. Existing equipment is evaluated for functionality and ergonomics. Existing transfer methods, equipment and time required to perform lubrication tasks are assessed. A written report with these findings and recommended improvements is provided and presented.

Each component is documented, photographed, and evaluated for contamination ingress control. Our visual inspection includes analyzing your air breather filters, oil sample ports, oil analysis test packages and filtration requirements. We provide both written and digital reports of the results for each piece of equipment.

A thorough written report is compiled based on existing oil sampling practices, oil analysis test packages, oil sampling frequency, data utilization, and integration into the maintenance planning decisions.